Clun Forest Sheep - Dunja Roberts

Many thanks to Dunja for giving us such a fascinating talk about living and working on a hill farm in The Black Mountains of Wales and for taking us on a journey through a year in the life of a shepherd. Amazing!   It made us all totally appreciate all the effort and dedication that goes in to producing this fabulous fibre...wool!

Dunja and her husband raise native breeds of sheep mainly Clun Forest, Lincoln Longwool and Zwartles and supply wonderful fibre and yarn.

Dunja Roberts - Talk


Workshop with Julie Hedges

Our next workshop is an introduction to Ply-Split Braiding with Julie Hedges on Saturday 8th July starting at 10am in the Scout Hall, Dinas Powys.
Ply-split braiding is a technique where one twisted cord ("splitter") passes through another twisted cord or cords splitting the plies of the latter cords ("splittee" cords). This is unlike weaving or many forms of braiding where cloth is formed by threads interlacing in an over-under sequence.  Pattern is formed by cord colour, and splitting order.

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A Treasure Chest of Bulgarian Textiles

On Thursday 8th June we have an evening meeting at Kynance Hall and our speaker this month is Elza Tantcheva who will be going to talk to us about a Treasure Chest of Bulgarian Textiles.

Art Yarn Spinning Photos

We had an amazing day, leaning new and interesting techniques to create some gorgeous art yarns. It took spinning to a whole new level!
The skills needed for Art Yarn Spinning definitely helps you to become a better all-round spinner; as you need to be doing so many things all at the same time, whilst maintaining good wheel and drafting control. Ha!
At times we were all concentrating so hard that there wasn't a sound in the room...but oh were we pleased when it all came together and we saw that we were actually making a beehive!
Very many thanks to Katie for all her patience and expert tuition.